Giving birth is a life changing experience, there are 9 long months leading up to this moment and it is inevitable that many will experience nerves and anticipation. With Hypnobirthing, Robert is able to use his award winning unique U.M.T. hypnotherapy techniques to encourage a more enjoyable, quicker, less painful birth.

Expectant mothers need to relax There are a growing number of expectant mothers who are experiencing extreme anxiety which is leading to stress and discomfort to themselves and their unborn child. Often many think that taking early maternity leave from work will take away their anxious feelings and help to relax them, however this is not always the case and this is regularly leaving many mums to-be with further and extended periods of anxiety due to longer time slots spent concentrating and going over negative thoughts and worries whilst at home.

Relax…and stop panicking…

There is a solution to a stress free birth and labour … Hypno-Birthing with The Hypnotist Man. With his ability to encourage his clients to open up about their most feared and concerned parts of giving birth, Robert is able to release tension and anxiety, using self hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques that will help you during labour and birth enabling you to remain calm and in control throughout.

Hypnobirthing Kent

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