Robert Hisee has his very own style of hypnotherapy, called Unconscious Mind Therapy, (UMT for short). Unique to any other therapy out there, UMT is designed to change the way that you feel about the problem, not to stay within the content of the problem. Using various methods, such as different styles of trance, whether that be a light or deep trance, as well as using the unconscious mind whilst talking to break beliefs and to visualise outcomes.

Most people do not understand that you can only think the way that you feel. No human being on this planet can think a happy thought whilst experiencing a sad emotion. If you feel the feeling of anxiety, you can only make anxious thoughts, if you feel depressed you will only make depressed thoughts, if you feel happy and powerful you can only make happy and powerful thoughts.

The unconscious mind works with five senses: hearing, then seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting – this is all we can use to make a representation of the world. For instance if you are scared of spiders, you will have once seen a spider and have anchored feeling of fear to that image. Imagine if you could remove that negative feeling, and replace your thoughts about the spider with something else. Then you see a spider, what would your thoughts be?? They would go into a little confusion, curiosity and anticipation. These can all be great learning mind states.

QUIT SMOKING – Robert Hisee has written his own Quit smoking module, it starts with Belief changing UMT techniques, then into The Hisee Microchip operation where you will be put under into a DEEP DEEP TRANCE and you will feel extremely relaxed and most comfortable.

WEIGHT LOSS/HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BAND – Robert can create a state of mind where you will have a Hypnotic Gastric Band fitted! You will eat smaller portions and feel full. This is a long term solution to your weight problems.

DENTAL PHOBIA – Dental phobia is extremely common but Robert offers a Dentist phobia cure. Between 30% and 75% of adults suffer from some level of fear at the thought of dental treatment. Many sufferers of dental phobia and needle phobia will put off going to the dentist for years.

CHILD BIRTH – Giving birth is a life changing experience, there are 9 long months leading up to this moment and it is inevitable that many will experience nerves and anticipation. With Hypnobirthing, Robert is able to use his award winning unique U.M.T. hypnotherapy techniques to encourage a more enjoyable, quicker, less painful birth.

STRESS – Psychological symptoms can include anxious thoughts and whatever emotion we are currently feeling only allows us to think on that emotion, if you feel sad you can only make sad thoughts.
Identifying what makes you feel stressed and the physical, psychological and behavioural symptoms associated with these stressful events is the first step in helping to manage the stress that you experience.



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