Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Being addicted to a certain way of life and culture is probably an impossible habit to change. Smoking is an all too common phenomenon that we are all familiar with, so many people have become addicts unconsciously by allowing themselves revel in the moment.
While different people perceive that smoking has become a big problem and a way of life that they need to change, others have tried for years to cure the addiction with little or no effect. So many people have taken action, steps and procedures to check their smoking habit simply because it has eaten so deep into their system and obviously they want a way out, a necessary course of action that will work.
Patches, e-cigarettes, cold turkey are very good practices that may have worked at one point in time or for very close relatives. As we’ve all been there, there seems to be no solution for some keen smokers; some remedies would last for maybe a week, two weeks or maybe more, others have even witnessed failed New Year’s resolutions attempts. It’s all too familiar and all too common to have tried and miserably failed to quit. Smoking has become part of you, and you no longer know any different.
Building your self-confidence and self-esteem by telling yourself I am no longer a smoker will not necessarily work at helping you quit smoking if you do not expedite action by changing your core values and beliefs. This is because smoking comes with hunger and the more you say to yourself I’m no longer a smoker what do you think happens? Does it feed the hunger growing inside of you? Probably not.
Before going into a decision-making process to stop smoking, your mind particularly and precisely has to be able to pinpoint and see whatever it wants to erase first. When that is achieved, the difficult part is over and dealt with. As the association and feelings are brought up, you are made to understand that they are surely the reasons behind why it is so hard to quit.
Robert provides special hypnotherapy for stop smoking in Kent, London, Surrey and Essex and the reason why Robert is the best available is simply put that hypnosis works so well. Smoking, like all habits exhibited by humans, is controlled by the unconscious part of the mind. Hypnosis, however, helps to gain access by using the U.M.T (Unconscious Mind Therapy) into nature’s optimal learning state – and it is in this state of mind that as you go deeper, your unconscious mind is more open to new ideas and suggestions. When your unconscious is reprogrammed you don’t have to try not to smoke; the urge is simply no longer there.
Robert Hisee has written his Quit Smoking module, it starts with Belief changing UMT techniques, then into The Hisee Microchip operation where you will be under into a DEEP TRANCE, and you will feel extremely relaxed and most comfortable. You will then have an imaginary microchip inserted into your brain where the surgeons reprogram your mind to quit smoking, and it may even bring you to the point where you may feel physically ill at the smell of a fag.
If you truly need to quit, Robert Hisee is your best chance

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