Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Patches, e-cigarettes, cold turkey…we’ve all been there. Lasted maybe a week, 2 weeks, failed New Year’s resolutions even. It’s all too familiar and all too common to have tried and miserably failed to quit. Smoking has become part of you and you no longer know any different.
Telling yourself ‘I am not a smoker anymore’ to quit smoking will not work without changing your values and beliefs. This is because the more you say to yourself ‘do not think about fags’, what do you think happens??
If I said to you now ‘do not think of a giant pink monkey smoking a pipe’, what did you just immediately think of? … A giant pink monkey smoking a pipe!

Your mind has to see whatever it wants to erase first. When it sees the fags, the association and feelings are brought up and that attachment is why it’s so hard.

Robert Hisee has written his own Quit smoking module, it starts with Belief changing UMT techniques, then into The Hisee Microchip operation where you will be put under into a DEEP DEEP TRANCE and you will feel extremely relaxed and most comfortable. You will then have a imaginary microchip inserted into your brain where the surgeons reprogram your mind to quit smoking and it may even bring you to the point where you may feel physicallly ill at the smell of a fag.

This is a copyrighted Hypnotic Script

If You can see it, You can be it!


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