U.M.T 2 Day Weight Loss Course

U.M.T 2 Day Weight Loss Course

A course designed to make you lose weight, whilst learning and understanding the patterns of the mind to ensure the results last a lifetime, rather than just a quick fix.

Lose weight with NO DIET and bring out the inner you.

£500 for this life changing weight Loss Course.

Robert Hisee master creator of U.M.T therapy and co-creator of BMC explains why he believes ordinary diets don’t work:
‘People mistakenly think diets are the only way to shed the pounds but in fact, they teach you to put on weight and take away your confidence. Often, it gets to the point where the dieter is so focussed on what they don’t want – their beliefs are rocked and their personal life suffers too.

After many years of training in all types of mind therapies, Robert Hisee discovered that dealing with the unconscious mind and looking at the process of the recovery, rather than the content, is far more powerful and effective making changes fast and dealing with peoples inner feelings, thoughts, values and beliefs.

It works much quicker than psychotherapy, CBT and other conscious mind therapies, which take months and years to change. Whereas, using UMT and dealing with the process of the recovery, it can be changed with in a matter of minutes or hours depending on the nature of the problem.

Roberts Hisee has helped many people lose weight by teaching them the unconscious learnings of which diets teach you to put on weight.

Unconscious mind therapy has helped people with OCD, Trichotillomania, phobias, anxiety and depression. It can help anyone from people who are not able to leave the house, to people who are scared of flying. You can use UMT to your advantage too, helping you to get that job you have been longing for, or even losing weight. You can free your mind of anxiety and clear your thoughts with the power of UMT.Because your unconscious mind doesn’t know what’s real or what is wrong it can be a bad thing as we are programmed without knowing.

UMT can be a powerful tool used to help change the way you feel about the past And relieve you of the feelings that stop you from being who you want to be and give you the focus, skills and mindset you need in order to move forward and work toward what you want and instead of what you don’t want. Buddhism has been teaching this since 500 years before Christ. So the world today has learnt not to do some of the most powerful and easiest things you can do to become successful in life.

May it be business or personal life, weight loss or phobias, anxiety or depression or any problem you have, UMT can show you the skills which will enlighten your life and make you happy in your self, helping you to become focused and strong and overcome anything that challenges you.Be who you want to be, you only have one life, don’t live 75 years of the same day and call that a life. Be who you want to be now!

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